School Uniform

We expect a high standard of personal appearance and ask for parental support in this. All students below the Sixth Form are required to wear the approved school uniform. The Sixth Form are subject to a separate dress code.

The uniform comprises: Badges and ties may be purchased from the school.

Polo shirts, jeans, tight fashion shirts, tight / flared trousers, trainers, sandals, boots (ie, footwear above the ankle) and stiletto heels are not acceptable. The maximum height of the heel on a shoe should be 3cm. One pair of small ear-studs are allowed (one in each ear), but not rings or studs in any other part of the body. Jewellery and make-up should not be worn. Hair colour should look natural. Headwear should not be worn in school, except on grounds of religion

PE Kit comprises:

At the discretion of the PE staff, plain tracksuits (navy blue or black) may be worn. To maximise personal safety, during 'contact' sports, students should have shin guards and mouthguards.

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