About the School

The Park View Code

The Code makes our expectations clear. At times, our young people need to be reminded of the correct way to behave and to perform. Your child may be asked to do extra work at home or at school to make up for time wasted or work not done during a lesson.

School Statement

We promote quality in all aspects of school life in order to develop well-qualified and balanced individuals who can play positive roles in society. Within a well-disciplined and caring atmosphere we value:

We aim:

These priorities help students to become well-balanced, happy and interesting people who are a pleasure to meet and know.

Partnership with Parents

We see the partnership of student, parent and staff as an essential element in the educational process.

Parents are informed of all activities and successes through regular newsletters and our publication, 'Park Views', delivered to all homes locally. In September of each year parents of all students in Years 7 to 10 receive a 'Curricular Outline' that provides an overview of the year's work in each subject. In addition, our reporting and profiling systems keep parents informed of their child's progress, with an end of year report which includes comments by subject teachers and tutors.

Parents are invited to attend Parents' evening once a year but are encouraged to contact us at any time if they have queries or concerns. The Tutor or Year Co-ordinator should normally be the person to speak to but if someone has a particular matter to discuss with the Head or Deputy Head, this can be arranged. If there is a need to see a particular member of staff it is wise to make an appoinment, either by telephoning the school office or by sending a note. An opportunity for written contact exists through the student organiser, which acts as a valuable home-school contact book throughout the year.

In the very rare event that a complaints arises, the School should be contacted in the first instance. If the problem cannot be resolved by the options above, details of a formal complaints procedure can be had from the school or County Hall.


Being a large, thriving school we are able to offer an extensive range of high standard facilities. All subjects have their own accommodation, and enjoy an excellent level of resourcing.

Facilities available to all pupils include:

How Our School Tackles the Issue of Bullying

Bullying is a complex aspect of human behaviour that is not always easy to understand or deal wtih. It takes many forms and occurs in all walks of life and all schools. Any bullying, whether physical, verbal or psychological, causes distress and in some cases long lasting harm and we therefore take all reasonable steps to eliminate it in school. We are only relieved that, in Park View, it is not the significant problem it is in many other schools. Nevertheless you should be aware than we have a clear school policy on its prevention: a policy in which parents, as well as teachers and students, have a part to play.

This is our Anti-Bullying Policy:


Bullying is the wilful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten a person by someone who has some sort of power over the victim.

We acknowledge that bullying (physical, verbal and psychological): Mission statement

We seek to provide all students with a safe and caring environment in which they can take full advantage of their educational opportunities. We will therefore take all reasonable steps to eliminate bullying in the school.

Proposed Actions

Through our tutorial programmes, assemblies and normal subject lessons, we will encourage mutual respect between students and develop an appreciation of inappropriate social behaviour; Students and parents will be encouraged to report all incidents of bullying; All reported incidents will be investigated and referred to Year Co-ordinators; All alleged victims, alleged bullies and the parents of both will be listened to, given a timescale for any investigation and informed of what action will be taken; Both victims and bullies will be counselled by Year Co-ordinators; Persistent bullies will be dealt with under the disciplinary code of the school.

Advice and Guidance for Parents

At Park View, we treat all cases of bullying very seriously indeed and all reported cases are dealt with immediately. However, we do realise that, sometimes, when bullying takes place it is not reported and children suffer in silence. There are a number of reasons for this but it can be the case that students feel that they cannot or do not want to talk to an adult, be it a teacher or one of their parents. Parents have an important part to play in the elimination of bullying in school by talking to their children and discussing with us any problems sooner rather than later.

Watch for signs of distress in your child: If you are worried that your son/daughter is being bullied: If your child is being bullied or suspected of being a bully, we will ensure:

Encourage your son/ daughter to talk to you about what has happened. Any marked change in behaviour indicates a problem that needs investigating. The problem may be bullying; it may be family difficulties or another problem. With a sensitive approach, the child and the bully can be given the help they need.


It is expected that the behaviour of sutdents will bring credit to themselves, their parents and the school. We aim to work with parentsto ensure students are diligent, reliable, co-operative and courteous. Minor misdemeanours may lead to sanctions such as extra work; detentions, sometimes after school, are imposed on persistent offenders. Bullying of any description is not tolerated. Serious offences are dealt with in accordance with disciplinary procedures laid down by the Authority and may lead to exclusion from school.


In order to motivate students and reward good practice, Park View operates a merit system. Students receive merits for progress, effort, initiative, quality of work, good attendance and service to the school and the community. In Years 7 to 9 these awards lead to Merit Certificates; in Years 10 and 11 they are linked to motivational rewards with real currency for older students.

Religous Education and Collective Worship

Year group and whole school assemblies contribute to the moral, spiritual and corporate atmosphere of the school. Themes are considered in a non-denominational manner in keeping with LEA guidelines.

Schemes of Work for Religious Education are in accordance with the County agreed RE syllabus.


Homework plays an important part in your child's academic achievement. Homework is set regularly and students are issued with an organiser which parents are asked to inspect and sign weekly. This confirms that homework is being accurately recorded and completed; it also acts as a means of communication between parents and teachers in the event of any concerns.

Right to withdraw from RE and Sex Education

Parents may withdraw their children on conscientious grounds from all or part of the Religious Education programme and/or the non-statutory parts of the Sex Education programme. Parents wishing to do so should inform the Headteacher in writing. Students withdrawn from RE or Sex Education will normally be allowed private study.

Special Educational Needs

The educational needs of most of our students are met through carefully structured work in the classroom, balancing support and challenge for pupils of every ability level. Some students, however, encounter a variety of learning difficulties. In these cases, we undertake liaison with junior schools to identify appropriate support strategies, and then monitor and assess individuals throughout school. We aim to provide support as far as possible within the resources available.

The school identifies and supports students with specific academic gifts or very high general ability.

Sport and Enrichment Activities

The school aims to provide sport for all, in order to promote students' physical, personal and social development.

A whole school Enrichment Week in the summer term sees students off normal timetable and involved in a wide variety of challenging activities. A sample of events includes a 'Masterchef' competition, residentials at outward bounds centres, educational visits and an Industry Day for Year 9.

Other activities throughout the year include a Languages Club, fell-walking, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, concerts, choirs, bands, musicals and drama.

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