Life in the Sixth Form

'Traditional Values, Modern Skills'

The Sixth Form at Park View offers:

If you are enthusiastic and hardworking and want to work with like-minded students, and contribute to another record year of results, please contact (write, ring or email) our Director for Learning (14-19), Mr Nisbet, in order to make an appointment for an informal chat.

Regular Academic Monitoring Designed to Eliminate Failure

At the end of every term a profile of each student's attitude and achievement is completed by those who teach him/her. These are used as a basis for discussion between students and teachers, thus allowing strengths and weaknesses to be identified and realistic targets to be set. The fact that each profile relates levels of performance to academic or vocational course criteria means that students are able to make informed decisions about their futures at any point.

A Pastoral System Centred Around Care and Guidance

On entry into Year 12, each student is put into the care of a tutor who is responsbile for overseeing his/her personal and academic growth. At the beginning of each term, time is set aside for tutors to carry out a review with each student : targets arising out of this discussion are recorded in the Personal organiser which each student is provided with.

The Sixth Form tutor team is kept as stable as possible in ordre for each tutor to accrue a body of knowledge about Post 16 options from which to counsel students about future pathways. They are supported by a timetabled programme of careers guidance, which covers all aspects of employment and Higher Education opportunities, making much use of outside expertise in order to inform students as full as possible.

Leading the tutor team is the Head of Sixth Form whose responisibility is to see that both staff and students alike are able to perform to the best of their ability.

An Individual Timetable to Meet Individual Needs

Inevitably, a system which aims to cater for the individual leads to each student having an individual timetable. It is unlikely, therefore, that any Sixth Form student at Park View does exactly the same in any week as someone else. However, the experiences that they undertake can be classified under a series of broad headings.

Quality Teaching

All courses are taught by teams of subject specialists who carry out annual reviews of the syllabus and teaching methodologies in light of the results achieved. In our 2004 OfSTED inspection, students were praised for their 'very strong and industrious work ethic' and inspectors found that, 'in the sixth form, students have well-developed research and study skills and work industriously outside lesson time. There is a strong emphasis on challenging students to take the initiative, think through problems and share their findings and understanding'. Overall, we were delighted to receive OfSTED's highest grading of 'Very Good', which we feel, recognises the quality of staff and students we have here at Park View.

A Spirit of Partnership

We believe in and value the partnership we have developed with our students; parents of our students; and the local community.

Main Areas of Study

Developments at a national level and in the size of the Sixth Form have allowed us to broaden the scope of courses which students may undertake as their main body of study in year 12. Students can undertake 4 AS courses, 3 of which will be carried out onto A level in Year 13, or create a combined timetable of AS level and Advanced VCE courses to suit their career or higher education aspirations. We currently offer the following courses at AS and A Level:

At Advanced Vocational level we currently offer:

General Studies will be offered as an additional qualification either at AS or A Level.

The Tutorial Programme

There are a wide range of opportunities all aimed at supporting personal and academic development. These include a tutorial programme; ASDAN Universities Award; and work experience opportunities.

The Enrichment Curriculum

In addition to a student's academic timetable and their tutorial activities, success in job and higher education applications will depend on the personal and social skills they can also offer. To provide the opportunities for sixth formers to develop these skills, we offer additional studies; community involvement; charity fund raising; and employability skills.

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