A Year 11 student's personal account of the Class of 2007 Prom

"Park View Community School, Class of 2007 had their prom on Friday, 11 May at Hallgarth Manor in Durham. The build up started last November when the letters regarding the purchase of tickets, etc were handed out in a special assembly. All the girls could talk about for weeks was what colour dress they were after. The excitement finally hit me when my best friend and I coincidentally turned up in the same shop at the same time to get our dresses. We both stood there together and it made me realise how much everyone is changing. Prom day finally came and everyone turned up to school with the biggest smiles. I was excited, but I was also sad because I knew it would be the last time I properly got to spend time with some people I had grown up with. At the end of the day, everyone parted in a hurry, desperate to be ready and waiting for their limos to whisk them away. I was getting picked up from my friend�s house, and when I arrived I almost cried. All my best friends were there looking utterly fantastic. We posed for photographs for the proud parents who finally realise their babies were actually growing up. The limo set off full of 14 excited teenagers with the windows down and the tunes blasting. When we arrived, everyone was a bit nervous as we didn�t know what to expect. But we found our dates and were given corsages in true American style. Everyone looked absolutely amazing. No-one looked better than anyone else and everyone was gorgeous in their own individual way. We stayed with our closed groups of friends for the professional photographer to take our pictures and then made our way to our tables. The meal was delicious but thankfully didn�t last too long because all people wanted to do was have fun and be with their friends. When the Disco finally started, a cheer went up from everyone. I danced all night in my heels without a care in the world. I spoke to people I haven�t spoken to since I was 11 and in primary school. And I danced with people I have never spoken to before. But I didn�t care, because I learnt what �having the time of my life� truly meant. The DJ played two slow songs at the end of the night and I will admit, I cried my heart out. Not just because the night was ending, but because it was the beginning of the end for me. People I had grown up with were leaving. Some I had spent almost every single school day with since I was four years old. I danced the last songs with two of my oldest, closest friends which for me, was the perfect ending. And looking back, I can safely say that my prom was undoubtedly the best night of my life."

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