Message from Mr Veitch, the Headteacher

Dear Parents

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to Park View Community School and to provide information you may find useful. I hope it will answer questions you may have before your child joins the school, and that it will continue to be of use to you during their time with us.

As our reputation, Ofsted reports, and the award of Leading Edge status have all confirmed, we have many strengths. These include high standards of teaching and demanding expectations of student achievement and behaviour. In addition, we firmly believe that a child's education must include the widest range of opportunities, sporting, cultural, recreational and social. To this end, the school is committed to involvement in a programme of activities including exchange visits overseas, clubs and sporting fixtures, full- scale dramatic productions, charity fund-raising and much more. Our success as a Language College has greatly increased opportunities for pupils in a number of areas, including information technology and the international dimension.

Our aim is to give your child an education that will equip her/him to take a place in society as a responsible, informed person who has both self-respect and respect for others. To achieve this we provide the range of opportunities mentioned above in an atmosphere of firm yet caring control.

We can only move towards this aim if we have the full co-operation of parents and the community at large; to this end I hope that this will be the beginning of a happy and fruitful relationship.

May I wish your son or daughter well during your association with us, expressing the hope that they find fulfilment at Park View.


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