Headteacher Mr I Veitch Headteacher's PA / Corporate Comms & Image Miss H Haynes
Deputy Heads Mr D Short
Mrs K Cowie
Assistant Heads Mr P Fremaux
Mr G Panesar
Head of Lower School Mrs M Wilson Learning Resource Centre Manager Mrs P Sharples
Director of Learning (14-19) Mr D Nisbet Sixth Form Directors Mrs C Heslop (Y12)
Mrs C Middleton (Y13)
Admin Support Officers (CC) Mrs A Chuter
Mrs S Wardle
Mrs A Barras
Office Manager (NL) Mrs V Scott Admin Support Officer (NL) Mrs L Gray
Year 9 Co-ordinator Mr N McCudden Year 11 Co-ordinator Mr M Wright
Year 10 Co-ordinator Mr N Weaver Year 7 Co-ordinator Mrs K Tate
Year 8 Co-ordinator Mr J Robison Languages Faculty Leader Mrs J Rowell
English Faculty Leader Mr P Clarke Mathematics Faculty Leader Mr A Macpherson
Performing Arts Faculty Leader Mr I Teoh Vocational Studies Faculty Leader Mr A Finley
Science Faculty Leader Mrs F Nairne-White Design Faculty Leader Mrs S Raine
Special Needs Co-ordinator Mrs R Horne
Humanities / PSHE Faculty Leader Mrs C Reynolds PE Faculty Leader Mr J Cornish
Exams & Assessment Manager Mrs J Carr Extended Svcs Project Mgr Mrs P Varah
English Department Mrs J Gibson (Ast Sub Co-ord, English KS3)
Mrs C Robinson
Miss A Fraser (Drama)
Ms R Duarte
Ms S Walsh (Media)
Ms C Heyler
Mrs A Moore
Ms R Mewes
Miss A Sanderson
Miss K Sweet
Miss L Cariss
Languages Department Mrs J Nimmo (French Co-ord)
Miss N Rowe (Spanish Co-ord)
Mrs L Hamill (German Co-ord)
Ms K Fletcher (AST)
Mrs R Tebbutt
Mrs E Bulmer
Ms J McKeeman
Ms F Touvy
Ms D Doherty
Miss M Goldsmith
Miss V Stacy
Performing Arts Department Mrs S Moore (Drama Co-ord)
Mrs E Woods
Ms L Sheppard
Mrs K Clark
Vocational Studies Miss J Crowley (Hlth & Soc Care Co-ord)
Mrs D Clark
Mrs C Middleton
Ms V Ellis
Mr B Crampton
Miss S Knight
Mr M Pinnock
Ms K Thompson
Mr L Robertson
Mr C Fryer
Design Department Mr N Hetherington
Mr D Bell
Mr K Smith
Miss G Waller
Miss R Howe
Mrs E Wright (Art Co-ord)
Mr K Smith
Ms C McAlister
Ms T Nichols
PE Department Mr Gill
Mrs S Mason
Mrs R Whiting
Ms V Kirk
Humanities / PSHE Department Ms R Clancey-Maley (RE-Co-ord)
Miss S Rix (History Co-ord)
Mrs R Shield
Mr P Douthwaite
Mr P Arrowsmith
Ms E Featherstone
Miss H Tindale
Mr R Donnelly
Miss V Keen
Maths Departments Mrs S Cave
Mr N Stothard
Mrs A Gordon
Mr M Anderson
Ms K Pepper
Mrs S Mullen
Mr J Cook
Mr R Atkinson
Mr C Whitehead
Special Needs Department Mrs M Howes
Ms S Fowler
Mrs S Samms
Ms L Horsley (Learning Support Asst
Science Department Miss J Nuttney (Physics Co-ord)
Mr J Cooper (Biology Co-ord)
Mrs K Hogarth (Chemistry Co-ord)
Mr S Goddard
Ms H Fawcett
Mrs S Horn
Ms C Heslop
Dr D Goode (Health Ed Co-ord)
Ms A Sweeney
Dr S Pickett
Mr S Burdon
Mr S Horn
ICT Manager Mr B Kelters ICT Technicians Mr K Greenwood
Mr P Carr
Mr B Raffell
Senior Science Technician Mr S Winter Science Technicians Mrs M Mosey (NL)
Mr D Burton (CC)
Technology Technician Mr I Prudhoe Art / Technology Technician Ms L Nelson
Learning Managers Ms P Barnett
Mrs L Redman
Learning Mentor Ms J Thoms
Finance Manager Mrs D Donoghue Operations Manager Mrs S Cassidy
Guidance Managers Mr B Calder (CC)
Miss P Tseliou (post 16)
Mrs J Danby (NL)
Caretakers (Church Chare) Mr B Trotter
Mr G Ball
Caretaker (North Lodge) Vacancy

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